Greetings REACH Staff!

Wow! We asked and you listened!

Thank you so much!  – Jill reports a monumental, transformational difference in the amount of texts she receives outside of her work schedule.

We have another ask of all of you…

Jill will be out of the office for 1-2 weeks starting tomorrow, Friday 10/22/21, while she recovers from a scheduled surgical procedure.

In Jill’s absence, our already overwhelmed Administrative Team will be sharing her workload.

Our ask of all of you is to please make every effort to attend work on your scheduled days

Although we are advertising everywhere to hire additional staff, as with many companies, we are experiencing an applicant shortage.

Absences are our kryptonite. They really wreak havoc on our daily operations. 

We really would appreciate everyone’s diligence and support – now more than ever!

So, until you hear from us again…please DO NOT TEXT/CALL JILL.

Donna Rickerson (631-816-0844) will be available for calls/texts during Before School Program hours by Before School Program Employees – for Emergencies Only.

Emergency Examples:

  • You are unable to make your shift due to emergency
  • A staff worker did not show up
  • Your program is out of ratio
  • An incident during program requires Jill’s immediate attention (Student gets hurt or hurts another student)

Please text Roseann Miceli, Executive Director  (631-806-8179) or call her at office (631-549-9417) from 11am-6:30pm or you can email  Roseann anytime @ for all Non-Emergencies.

In case you cannot reach Roseann feel free to contact Lydia Von Barta, Assistant Director from 9:00am-4:30pm at REACH (631-549-9417)  or you can email  Lydia @ for all Non-Emergencies.

Thank you all, for all you do, every day! 


Roseann Miceli, LMSW

Executive Director