Identifying and Responding to Anaphylaxis: Elijah’s Law

Log onto:

Scroll down to the 4th training and click onto “Identifying and Responding to Anaphylaxis: Elijah’s Law” 

Once you complete the training please print out your Certificate of Completion and send to Donna (email to  Fax: 631-549-1272, interoffice it or drop it off at our office)

  • If you are a new employee this year with REACH CYA you must complete the Foundations in Health and Safety e-Learning Training (The First training on the list)
  • Please understand that it has been extremely hard to find qualified candidates and staffing is very tight this year. Remember that you are an employee of REACH CYA (not a particular school) and there may be times when you are called upon to report to an alternate school in order for us to maintain our licensed/mandated Staff : Child ratio.  Believe me, we know this can be an inconvenience and we appreciate your flexibility (we also appreciate you being gentle with our Office Staff who call/text you with such requests).