Hi- Open Basketball Program at Candlewood MS has been going great.

The participants are fun, show good sportsmanship and impressive athletic ability!

We need to remind you all of a couple of important policies:

  1. The program starts at 7pm – You can NEVER, EVER drop your child(ren) off at program prior to 7pm. Students are not permitted in the school – unsupervised. HHH Security is not there to supervise our Basketball participants.
  2. We will have a staff member at the doors until 7:15pm to check in participants. The doors will be closed at 7:15 and participants will not be let in after that time.
  3. The program ends at 8:00pm sharp! Habitual tardy pick-ups will be suspended from program (even if it consistently late by just 10 minutes).

Thanks you for your cooperation!