We have received several complaints by youth, parents, colleagues, and school personnel regarding cell phone use during Programs by some of our Before and After School Child Care Employees.

Cell Phone Use

Employees are not permitted to use a cell phone to make/receive personal phone calls or texts, to check emails, surf the internet, scan social media sites, etc. during Child Care Program hours.  If you are using your cell phone for any reason, you are not supervising, engaging and watching the children in an appropriate manner.  If you need to make an emergency phone call, tell a fellow staff member, and please make it brief (make sure if you leave the room that the program is in proper ratio)

Disciplinary Consequences:

Please be aware that REACH CYA will be visiting sites in an effort to crack down on employees using their cell phones during program. After School Child Care Program Leads have also been instructed to report cell phone use by employees to REACH CYA Administration.

Any employee observed on their cell phone during program will face all of the following consequences:

  • Employee will be Issued a Written Warning
  • Employee will be placed on Disciplinary Probation for up to 3 months.
  • Employee will not be eligible for any attendance bonus or any other fun bonus which may be implemented.

Those of you who have consistently adhered to our Cell Phone Use policy, WE THANK YOU!