Dear REACH CYA Child Care Families,

We need your help!

Although the majority of our participants are doing a fantastic job wearing masks during our Before and After School programs, we are seeing more and more students taking their masks either off or down off their nose. Some staff are reporting the need to constantly remind participants to wear their masks correctly.

We are asking that you please take a moment to talk to your children about the need for them to wear their masks properly (covering both the nose and mouth) while in our Before and After School Child Care programs.

We do not want to send participants home for violating the mask policies but  if a student has been warned repeatedly, then a parent will be contacted to pick them up and they will be suspended from use of our child care programs for a period of time determined by the administration.

If participants need mask breaks we ask that they raise their hand and inform a staff member who will safely arrange a mask break properly distanced from the rest of the participants.

Additionally, we have received questions regarding participants use of Chrome Books during our Child Care programs. Please know that  use of Chrome Books are allowed in our programs as long as participants are working on school-related material or school approved apps (sometimes issued by teachers).

Thanks again for your understanding and help in keeping our programs safe for all participants.

Please accept our warmest wishes for a happy healthy holiday season!