Sexual Harassment Prevention Training/Policy/Complaint Form

To:             ALL REACH CYA Employees

From:         Roseann Miceli, Executive Director

RE:             Mandatory Anti-Sexual Harassment Training

REACH Community and Youth Agency is committed to maintaining a workplace free from sexual harassment. REACH CYA has a sexual harassment prevention policy in place that applies to all employees, paid or unpaid interns and non-employees in our workplace, regardless of immigration status. New York State Law requires that employers of one or more employees must conduct anti-sexual harassment training for all employees yearly.

The Training will consists of 3 parts:   1) View Training Videos    2) Read Sexual Harassment Policy   3) Sign Acknowledgment Form

  1. View Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Videos Part 1 and Part 2  (video links are below in blue)

***You are not required to view these videos again if you have recently (witihin the past 6 months) viewed them through another employer (ex. HHH School District). Skip to Number 2 and read REACH CYA’s Sexual Harassment Policy.

Click Here to View ⇒Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Part 1

Click Here to View ⇒Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Part 2

  1. Read REACH CYA’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy

Click Here to READ ⇒REACH CYA Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy

Email any questions regarding the videos and/or Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy to

3. PLEASE SIGN ⇒Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Acknowledgement Form

***IMPORTANT: Once you sign the form please check your inbox. An email will be sent in order to verify your identity. Please click on the link in that email to complete this transaction. Your signing process will not finish until you complete this verification step. Once you complete the verification one copy of the Training Acknowledgment
Form will be sent to you and one copy will be automatically be sent to REACH CYA so there is no need for you to forward your copy to us.

Helpful Steps to Sign Form:

  1. Click in Box marked “Click Here to Sign” at bottom of page next to Signature
  2. A larger Signature Box will appear – Click in that box and Print or Draw Name
  3. Click Blue “Apply” Button
  4. Click Blue “Click to Sign” at bottom again
  5. Enter your email
  6. Click to Sign


Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

If you believe you have been subjected to or witnessed sexual harassment, or if you have any questions, you are encouraged to either contact a supervisor and/or complete this form Complaint Form and submit it to either:

REACH CYA Executive Director: Roseann Miceli (

REACH CYA Assistant Director:  Lydia von Barta (

REACH CYA Pre K and Child Care Director: Jill Lubeck (

Office Location/Mailing Address: 525 Half Hollow Road, Dix Hills, New York 11746

Phone: (631) 549-9417

For more information and additional resources, please visit: