Jill is out sick and we anticipate her illness will last a couple of days.

In Jill’s absence, our already overwhelmed Administrative Team will be sharing her workload.

Our ask of all of you is to please make every effort to attend work on your scheduled days

Absences are our kryptonite. They really wreak havoc on our daily operations. 

We really would appreciate everyone’s diligence and support – now more than ever!

So, until you hear from us again…please DO NOT TEXT/CALL JILL.

Donna Rickerson (631-816-0844) will be available for calls/texts during Before School Program hours by Before School Program Employees – for Emergencies Only.

Emergency Examples:

  • You are unable to make your shift due to emergency
  • A staff worker did not show up
  • Your program is out of ratio
  • An incident during program requires immediate attention (Student gets hurt or hurts another student)

Please call office at 631-549-9417 or email info@reachcya.org with any questions/concerns during business hours.

Thank you all, for all you do, every day! 


Roseann Miceli, LMSW

Executive Director