Greetings All!

Earlier this year I requested your help in maintaining one of REACH CYA’s most valued assets…”Jill”.

Although texting has become the convenient norm even in business situations we needed to implement some clear parameters regarding when it is and it is not appropriate to text her. We could no longer allow Jill to be texted by employees at all hours of the day, night and on weekends.

I just wanted to thank those of you who have been diligent in following these texting guidelines, Jill reports reports a huge decline in employees texting her after hours and on weekends but still some of you are texting her outside her formal office hours so I have reiterated the texting parameters below:

Please remember – Jill’s formal office hours are 11am-6pm.  Please do not text her between 9am-11am.

Although you can email Jill at anytime please DO NOT TEXT HER ANY NON-EMERGENCY INFO BEFORE 11AM.

Since Jill also oversees the Before School Program she is available via text/call during Before School Program hours by Before School Program Employees – for Emergencies Only.

Emergency Examples:

  • You are unable to make your shift that day due to emergency
  • A staff worker did not show up
  • Your program is out of ratio
  • An incident during program requires Jill’s immediate attention (Student gets hurt or hurts another student)

Please text or call Jill at office (631-549-9417) from 11am-6:30pm or you can email Jill anytime @ for all Non-Emergencies:

Non-Emergency Examples:

  • Pay check questions
  • Supply/Snack needs
  • Programmatic/Curricullum questions/concerns
  • Seeking to take days off in future
  • Student’s behavioral concerns which does not require immediate attention
  • Paperwork issues

Thank you for your help and cooperation in this matter and thank you for all you do, for the kids, for their parents, every single day.


For those of you who have adhered to this policy, we thank you. For those of you who might recognize your inappropriate actions…please do not text Jill an apology. (Especially before 11am or after 6:30pm)